Camera Choice for Production: Sony Fs7

Throughout testing and for the production of the actual video, the Sony Fs7 cinema camera was and will be used. This decision has come about due to physical lighting tests and secondary research done online and through spec review sites.

First and foremost, the camera has a highly sensitive sensor and has a base ISO speed of 2,000. This is extremely sensitive making it a reality to rely on only natural lighting in some scenes alone without any additional artificial lighting. It also allows filmmakers to be more creative in lighting without worrying about exposure. The camera works well in low-light (Chapman, 2014).

The fs7 shoots XAVC-I which is a 10-bit 4:2:2 codec which allows for more room in the colour grading suite in terms of dialing in the look for the video. Thsi is ideal as the band have a very distinct visual style they want for the video. The camera shoots at 14 stops of dynamic range, when using s-log 3 giving more of a cinematic feel the image and room in post for manipulation, especially digitally degrading it with control (Miller, 2015)

Ergonomically speaking, the camera is designed for a handheld, cinema verite shooter. This means it is made for shoulder shooting with screw-in arms that assists in giving three-to-four points of contact for controlled handheld camera operating. This suits the project even more as the visual look of the music video will have an extremely energetic handheld aesthetic to it to match the raw speed of the hardcore punk genre. This reduces set-up time and the amount of crew needed for the shoot, decreasing down time(Matsumoto, 2015).

One of the camera’s main selling points however is the up to 150fps slow motion high-frame rate option for XAVC-I (Sony UK, 2015) . this means the camera can shoot high frame rate codec that allows for more room for grading in post and doesn’t fall apart like it’s predecessor the Sony FS700. The FS700 was renowned for its incredibly high frame rates up to 900fps (XDCAM-USER, 2012)


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Camera Choice for Production: Sony Fs7

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